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Cerner's Medication Solution to Improve Patient Safety

Cerner Corp (Kansas City, Mo) recently received FDA approval to market Cerner Bridge Transfusion Administration and Specimen Collections software. The software solution uses bar-code scanning technology, wireless networks, and clinical-systems integration to improve patient safety. Using patient identification, the solution records and collects information at the bedside and facilitates compliance with standards. The solution provides up to 6 bar-code checks to make sure that the right blood product is being administered to the right patient. The system is equipped with a user-friendly and consistent interface to guide clinicians through the transfusion process. For more information, visit

Clinical Pharmacology Gets a Face-lift

Gold Standard's (Tampa, Fla) Clinical Pharmacology has a new look. The online reference's user interface has been redesigned, making it more intuitive and easier for pharmacists to get the information they need. Clinical Pharmacology's contents and features are presented in 4 main sections: Reports, Find/List, Patient Education, and Resource Center. The new easy-to-use search dashboard and control panel allow clinicians to easily search for information, start reports, find patient education, or other resources, all from one place. The allinclusive search result/navigation page allows quick access to numerous pieces of information and features related to a monograph or product. The new monograph navigation drop-down lists provide links from key terms to content discussions. Clinical Pharmacology's drug product information has been enhanced with more qualitative and detailed data. The product information now includes both the drug's new and previous appearances, making it easy for pharmacists to keep track of existing supplies, as well as to counsel patients when the medication they have been taking has a new look. The online reference now also includes all publicly available MedGuides in their proper format and structure. For more information, call 800-375-0943, or visit

CardioChek Leaves Testing in Clinicians' Hands

Polymer Technology Systems' (Indianapolis, Ind) CardioChek PA is a diagnostic analyzer for medical professional testing of cholesterol and other cardiac risk factors. The device measures total cholesterol, direct low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, lipid panel, triglycerides, glucose, ketone, and creatinine levels. The handheld analyzer uses PTS Panels Test Strips to monitor these key indicators related to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. The CardioChek PA offers immediate lipid testing for faceto- face counseling, education, or recommended drug therapy individuals may need. The product also helps enhance adherence to therapy and continuity of care, as well as reducing laboratory delays, paperwork, and patient follow-up calls. The CardioChek PA features a 3-step process for medical professionals to monitor heart health indicators in the office, provides results in <2 minutes using a small drop of blood for testing, and includes an internal memory that allows clinicians to review results and store the last 30 tests for recall. For more information, call 877-870-5610, or visit

Med-eMonitor Keeps Patients on Track with Medications

InforMedix' (Rockville, Md) MedeMonitor System is designed to help elderly patients remember to take their medications. Dubbed the "smart pillbox," the product alerts the patient when it is time to take medication with a musical chime, tells how to take it, and records the date and time when the pill drawer has been opened. It even prompts patients to answer questions about their health. If a patient misses a dose or takes the wrong medication, the Med-eMonitor sends an alert message via e-mail, text message, or fax to a call center or a loved one, and professional help is summoned. The staff member then responds by counseling the patient, contacting the patient's caregivers and/or loved ones, or patching in pharmacists or physician's offices as needed. Depending on the program, Med-eMonitor communicates these alerts to an ADT Home Security call center or a call center run by excelleRx. ExcelleRx provides monitoring, drug-interaction risk analysis, and medication-management support to InforMedix clients. For more information, visit

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