Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

If the United States is hit with pandemicinfluenza, pharmacists will be ready.Pharmacy organizations have partneredto create ?A Pharmacist?s Guide toPandemic Preparedness.?

The guide explains how pharmaciescan help raise awareness about a pandemicand how planning by pharmacistsand others can greatly reduce the impactof the disease. The resource advises thatpharmacists should learn about governmentpreparedness and response plans;understand resources available in theirhealth systems, corporations, and community;and actively participate in planningmeetings dealing with pandemics.

The document also recommends thatpharmacists take part in immunizationtrainingopportunities and create a planto maintain a week?s supply of prescriptiondrugs and consumable supplies. Theguide?s ?Pandemic Flu PharmacyChecklist? will help pharmacists determinewhat supplies are needed forimmunizations.

The American Pharmacists Association,the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the National Associationof Chain Drug Stores Foundationcollaborated on the guide. Theguide is available on the associations?Web sites. For a related article, go