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Individuals wanting to know moreabout their medications can now turn toa new Web 2.0 medication therapy managementencyclopedia, written and editedby pharmacists.

The free Web site ( pharmaceutical, OTC, andnutraceutical medication information.The site also serves as a community networkfor pharmacists to create andshare information for their patients andconsumers at large, and to work togetherin the advancement of medicationtherapy management. Features includemedication content created by authorizedpharmacists, updated articles fromleading medical news services via RSScontent syndication, and a toolbar providingsearch capabilities, as well astimely information and links to othersources.

The National Community PharmacistsAssociation, the American PharmacistsAssociation, the National Alliance ofState Pharmacy Associations, and theMirixa Corp have launched the site.