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HiQi Health

Marketed by:Pharm East(Kea'au, Hawaii)

Indication:The HiQi Health lineincludes 6 naturallyworking supplements. HiQi Health-Healthy BloodPressure Support supports healthy blood pressure,improves circulation, and supports arterial elasticity;HiQi Health-Healthy Bowel Function Support relievesconstipation, heartburn, and abdominal pain, encouragesbowel regularity, strengthens digestive health,and supports body detoxification; HiQi Health-RestfulSleep helps individuals fall asleep faster, sleep longerand more deeply, balances the central nervous system,and restores the natural sleep cycle; HiQi Health-Awake & Invigorate provides healthy energy to startthe day, supports balanced mental and physical energy,and strengthens the adrenal glands and centralnervous system; HiQi Health-Joy of Life supports emotionalwell-being and reduces the effects of occasionalworry and stress; and HiQi Health-Noni Healthenhances immune function, promotes digestivehealth, and nourishes and cleanses at a cellular level.

For More Information:www.hiqihealth.com888-275-3570

Essential Daily Nutrients

Marketed by:Waiora (Boca Raton, Fla)

Indication:Essential Daily Nutrients is a liquidsupplement that helps replenishthe body with a full spectrum ofhigh-potency vitamins, minerals,polyphenols, and herbs in a wholefood base of goji, a?ai, and otherexotic fruits. The product delivers100% (or more) of the recommendeddaily allowance of vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.Due to the liquid delivery, Essential Daily Nutrients'micronized ingredients quickly enter the bloodstreamand immediately find their way into the body's cellsand organs. The recommended dose of Essential DailyNutrients is 1 oz (2 tbsp) once a day. Because theproduct contains several natural energy boosters, itshould not be taken at night.

For More Information:www.waiora.com866-699-2467

Mack's EarDryer

Marketed by:McKeon Products(Guenther, Mich)

Indication:Mack's EarDryer safelyand effectively dries theouter ear canal wherebacteria and fungi cangrow. The product is recommendedto help preventotitis externa and foruse after swimming,bathing, water sports,workouts, and hearing aiduse. Mack's EarDryer is cordless and rechargeable,provides 50-plus drying cycles on a single charge,and dries the outer ear canal in about 1 minute.Comfortable for all ages, the product comes with 5color-coded washable earpieces for better hygienefor multiple users. Mack's EarDryer also featurestechnology that uses a computer chip to controlmaximum temperature, warm-up time, and cycleduration.

For More Information:www.mackseardryer.com

Anacin Advanced Headache Formula

Marketed by:Insight Pharmaceuticals(Langhorne, Pa)

Indication:Anacin Advanced Headache Formula is designed tofight pain in 2 ways. The product advances the scienceof headache relief with a formulation of 2proven pain relievers to focus powerful medicinewhere patients need it most. The unique dualactionformula has one ingredient to block pain andanother to relieve pain. Together, with the addedbenefit of caffeine, they provide fast relief to alleviatethe worst headache symptoms. Available in 22-and 75-count bottles, Anacin Advanced HeadacheFormula retails for $3.99 and $10.99, respectively.

For More Information:www.insightpharma.com800-797-7969

Fermental Max

Marketed by:Pharma Health Naturals Inc(East Brunswick, NJ),sole and executive importer of ESI Products

Indication:Fermental Max is a probiotic dietary-supplementblend of live milk enzymes and B-group vitamins withaloe vera concentrated extract. The product helps tonaturally restore the body's friendly bacteria in casesof wrong dietary regimen, colitis, diarrhea, constipation,use of antibiotics, and excessive gas and bloating.The product, which is available in liquid and capsuleform, does not require refrigeration.

For More Information:www.esiproducts.us888-479-7427

FlexNow Joint Formula

Marketed by:BSP Pharma Inc(Egg Harbor Township, NJ)

Indication:FlexNow Joint Formula is adietary supplement thathelps stimulate joint healthby reducing inflammationand allowing the patient tomove freely again. The product supports joint functionusing SheaFlex 75. The recommended dose ofFlexNow Joint Formula is 3 soft gels once daily withfood.

For More Information:www.flexnow.us877-778-1212

StaiNo Whitening MINIS

Marketed by:StaiNo (Long Eddy, NY)

Indication:StaiNo Whitening MINIS featurean advanced technology thatremoves common tooth stains,including tobacco and coffee stains. The disposableproduct also removes food particles and plaquebetween teeth, helping to prevent gum disease.

For More Information:www.StaiNo.com866-4-STAINO (866-478-2466)


Marketed by:Tec Laboratories Inc(Albany, Ore)

Indication:StaphAseptic is a woundcare treatment that kills thebacteria that cause methicillin-resistant Staphylococcusaureus (MRSA). Cuts, scrapes, and abrasionsare common entry points for MRSA bacteria that canlead to staph infection.

For More Information:www.staphaseptic.com800-ITCHING (800-483-4464)

Nature Made CholestOff Complete

Marketed by:Pharmavite LLC(Northridge, Calif)

Indication:The active ingredient, Pantesin,in Nature Made CholestOffComplete helps address cholesterolproduced by the liver. Thedietary supplement also containsplant sterols and stanols, whichreduce low-density lipoprotein by blocking the absorptionof dietary cholesterol. The recommended dose ofNature Made CholestOff Complete is 4 caplets perday. Available in 60-and 120-count bottles, the productretails for $19.99 and $34.99, respectively.

For More Information:www.naturemade.com800-276-2878

Bonine for Kids

Marketed by:Insight Pharmaceuticals(Langhorne, Pa)

Indication:Bonine for Kids is speciallyformulated for children toprevent and treat the symptomsassociated with motionsickness, including but not limited to dizziness,nausea, headache, upset stomach, and loss of balance.Bonine for Kids does not cause drowsinessand can be taken to prevent motion sickness ortreat the symptoms of motion sickness as soon asthey begin. The product, which retails for $3.99, isavailable in berry-blast-flavor chewable tablets.

For More Information:www.insightpharma.org800-797-7969

Johnson's Softwash Melt Away Stress 24 Hour Moisturizing Wash

Marketed by:Johnson & Johnson(New Brunswick, NJ)

Indication:Johnson's Softwash Melt AwayStress 24 Hour Moisturizing Washhelps reduce daily tension, leavingindividuals as relaxed as after awarm bath. The product is infusedwith the proprietary AROMASOOTHEfragrance blend that is enrichedwith chamomile and hints of lavenderthat lasts even after rinsing. Thecreamy, comforting lather locks in moisture within theskin's surface and rinses clean with no greasy residue.Johnson's Softwash Melt Away Stress 24 HourMoisturizing Wash, which retails for $4.99, is availablein a 20.3-oz bottle.

For More Information:www.johnsonsforyou.com

Garden Greens Resveratrox

Marketed by:Windmill Health Products(West Caldwell, NJ)

Indication:Garden GreensResveratrox is adaily supplementthat combines thehealthy benefitsof muscadine redwine grapes withPolygonum cuspidatum root extract to help supportan individual's youth and vitality. Polygonum cuspidatumhas been added to the product's formulabecause it contains some of the same productsas grape skins to help keep individuals young andenergetic.

For More Information:www.windmillvitamins.com800-822-4320

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