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Daverci Solutions Inc (Hillsboro,Ore) recently expanded its TOCCAR?suite to enable a unified, seamlesscommunications infrastructure betweenthe facility and the pharmacy. Byeliminating the use of faxes and theneed for paper medication administrationrecords (MARs) and delivery manifests,the pharmacy can truly be apaperless environment. Orders can besubmitted by a facility straight into itspharmacy billing system. The pharmacycan edit an order and have thoseedits reflected back in the facility'selectronic MARs, and the pharmacycan use the system to produce electronicdelivery manifests with electronicconfirmations of receipt. Pharmacysystem integration is one part of theTOCCAR? suite of software applicationsthat automate medication managementfor pharmacies and facilities.TOCCAR? applications are designed tobe extremely easy for pharmacies andfacilities alike to operate. User-friendlyinput devices include touch-screenmonitors and handheld computerswith bar-code scanners and fingerprintsensors. The electronic ordering systemworks with any pharmacy thatuses the Frameworks or QS/1 billingsystem. For more information,


Talyst (Bellevue,Wash) recently introducedAutoCoolaccess-controlled,refrigerated storagedesigned tocombine access controlwith a pharmacy'sreal-time inventory system.AutoCool uses the AutoPharm softwareplatform that integrates pharmacybar coding, storage, inventory, ordering,and clinical systems. AutoCoolprovides access to 84 separate compartments,each of which can be usedfor single or multiple doses of refrigeratedmedications. The compartmentsare automatically rotated to appearbehind 7 secured doors that have automatedlock releases and lighted indicators.The advantages of the AutoCoolwith AutoPharm include limiting accessto a single line item and providingan audit trail for all storage and retrievalactivities; pick-to-light indicatorsthat direct staff through stocking andpicking activities; controlling refrigeratedinventory in the central pharmacyor in satellite locations; and constanttemperature control and remote temperaturesensing. AutoCool supportsbar-code confirmation of all stockingand picking activities. The unit isdesigned for high reliability and maximumuptime. Twin thermistor sensorsprovide constant temperature controland recording, including support forremote monitoring. For more information,visit, or call 877-4-TALYST (877-482-5978).

Certicom Security for RFIDProduct Authentication

Certicom Corp (Mississauga, Ontario)recently launched CerticomSecurity for RFID Product Authentication?a solution that ensures authenticityand prevents counterfeitingof high-value items as they movethrough the supply chain. In collaborationwith Texas Instruments Inc (Dallas,Tex), Certicom is using its elliptic curvecryptography (ECC) expertise to additem-level radio frequency identification(RFID) tag security that protectsproduct information and proves thelegitimacy of pharmaceuticals. RFIDsolutions providers can use theCerticom security and Texas Instruments' family of ISO 15693 RFID tags todeliver product protection with authenticationand encryption. Certicom usesstandards-based cryptographic protocolsfor its RFID appliance, including astandardized public-key cryptographyscheme from IEEE 1363a. The ECCbaseddigital signature scheme enablesa high level of security to be added tothe tag without requiring a lot of computingpower and storage. CerticomSecurity for RFID Product Authenticationworks as a distributed system wherethere may not be dedicated Internetconnectivity to a database, to providereal-time authentication of a taggedproduct. A simple application programminginterface enables developers tointegrate the product's componentswith RFID middleware and enterpriseapplications. For additional information,visit


Asteres Inc's (San Diego, Calif)ScriptCenter is a self-service kiosk thatmakes picking up prescriptions convenientand hassle-free. The unit dispensesrefill prescriptions automaticallyafter a customer confirms identity byentering credit card and passwordinformation. After the medication isdispensed, the kiosk's embedded SeikoInstruments KPU-S347 printer subassemblyissues a record of the transactionand, in some cases, printscoupons to facilitate additional revenuefor the store. For more information,visit

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