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Disposable Disc Filters

EPS Inc (Ivyland, Pa) recently introduced3 additions to its expanding lineof intravenous disposables. The DisposableDisc Filters are now availablein 0.2, 0.45, and 1.2 ?m. The 0.2-?m filterwas specially designed for sterilizationand bacteria-retentive applications.The 0.45-?m unit is ideal for particulateretention. The 1.2-?m filterremoves fungi and particulate fromlipid solutions without breaking theemulsions. The filter is well-suited fortotal parenteral nutrition and totalnutient admixture therapy. All the DisposableDisc Filters are hydrophilic andbidirectional. Equipped with proximaland distal Luer locks (male andfemale), the filters attach securely toany Luer connection, preventing sprays,splashes, and breaks in sterility. Thespecially constructed filters minimizeinternal fluid loss, retaining only 0.4mL. The filters are preassembled andready to use, eliminating the risk ofcross contamination. Individually packaged,the filters are sterile, nontoxic,and nonpyrogenic. For more information,visit www.medi-dose. com, or call800-523-8966.

Exacta-Med Enteral Dispensers

Baxa Corp (Englewood, Colo) recentlyintroduced Exacta-Med EnteralDispensers. The product features aunique dispenser tip that cannot connectto a Luer needle or needless intravenous(IV) system. The dispensers' distinctive enteral marking, orange lettering,and stripe coordinate with theenteral tube sets. This makes the productthe safe choice for enteral fluiddrug delivery, particularly in pediatricand neonatal applications, where themajority of the oral and enteral dosesare provided through a gastric tube.Exacta-Med Enteral Dispensers aresyringe-like devices with a non-Luer tipthat will not accept a hypodermic needleor actuate a needless IV accessport. The product is designed specificallyto provide safe and accuratedelivery of enteral liquids, reducing thepossibility of wrong-route administrationthrough a patient's IV or epiduralline. For more information,, or call 800-567-BAXA(800-567-2292).

PINNACLE TPNManagement System

B. Braun Medical Inc (Bethlehem,Pa) recently launched the PINNACLETotal Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) ManagementSystem. The system acceleratesTPN productivity while enhancingpatient safety and improving USP <797>compliance through advanced softwareand bar-code technology. The system'ssafety-enhancing software works inconjunction with fast, accurate hardwarethat prepares 1 L of TPN formulationin less than 1 minute. To helpstreamline the TPN process further, thePINNACLE TPN Management Systemincorporates computerized physicianorder entry and pharmacist approvalcapabilities, as well as bar-coded TPNcontainers that work with barcode-compatible infusion devices, suchas B. Braun Outlook Safety Infusion,helping ensure delivery of the correctTPN formula to the right patient. Thesystem also produces extensive compoundingreports indicating specificuser and facility productivity. For moreinformation, visit,or call 800-854-6851.


Cardinal Health Inc (Dublin, Ohio)recently launched ReadyScan, a new,unique service to improve patient safetyby providing hospitals with pharmaceuticalsin unit-of-use packages, completewith bar codes that help cliniciansverify medications at the bedside.ReadyScan is fully integrated into theCardinalASSIST service, an automatedreplenishment system for the PyxisMedStation. CardinalASSIST automaticallyorders medications for the PyxisMedStation when quantities are runninglow. The ReadyScan service packagesmedications into a MedStationfriendlyunit-dose, bar-coded format,and the order is compiled into a containerand labeled with the identificationnumber of the Pyxis MedStationthat ordered the medication. When thecontainer arrives at the hospital, thepharmacy staff can efficiently replenishthe appropriate Pyxis MedStation. Theservice will be repackaged in a CardinalHealth facility that follows GoodManufacturing Practices under FDAguidelines. Furthermore, CardinalHealth offers the service as part of thenormal ordering process used byitscurrent hospital customers. This createsa more efficient approach,because hospitals will receive theirmedications in the same form in whichthey are administered to patients,without any changes in the orderingprocess or any extra work required bythe hospital pharmacy staff. For moreinformation, visit, or call 800-234-8701.

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