Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

A new survey found a significant disconnectbetween patients' beliefs andtheir behaviors when it comes to takingmedication correctly.

A survey of 1000 adults showed that64% believed they follow their physician'sinstructions "extremely closely."In reality, the survey found, 74% admitted some form of nonadherentbehavior. The survey's key findings as reported by respondents:

•49% reported forgetting to take a prescribed medication

•24% had taken less than the prescribed dosage

•11% had substituted an OTC medication instead of filling aprescription

The results were not all negative, however. The findings indicatedthat patients were willing to use the expertise of their pharmacistin order to improve medication adherence. The survey found:

•83% agreed that pharmacists can play a role in improvingadherence by helping ensure that patients take their prescriptionmedications correctly

•68% reported that pharmacists are more knowledgeablewhen it comes to information about prescription medication

•86% said they would likely talk to their pharmacist about theirmedications

The findings were released by the National CommunityPharmacists Association and Pharmacists for the Protection ofPatient Care.

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