Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

The new Web-based resource Adult Meducation( helps caregiving professionalsadvise and coach seniors on the correct use of medications.The joint project was launched by 2 organizations in aging—the American Society of Aging and the American Society ofConsultant Pharmacists (ASCP).

The project, funded by a grant from Pfizer Inc, identifiesthe physiologic changes of aging that affect medications, along with factors thatare associated with nonadherence to medication regimens. The Web site alsohelps identify individuals who pose the greatest risk for nonadherence and recommendsways to resolve the problem.

"These community professionals using their contact and influence with seniorscan significantly improve medication adherence," said Lisa M. Gables, executivedirector of the ASCP Foundation. "As part of its educational mission, the ASCPFoundation continues to seek ways of expanding the role of consultant and seniorcare pharmacists into new health care and community-based settings."