SureScripts Integrates Alchemy into Prescribing Network

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

Gold Standard Inc and SureScriptshave formed a partnership. SureScriptswill incorporate Gold Standard'sAlchemy's drug product file and clinicalhierarchy drug classification featureinto the SureScript's Electronic PrescribingNetwork.

Under the terms of the agreement,Alchemy will support the SureScriptsmedication history service, which collectsprescription data from multiplecommunity pharmacies to providephysicians with a view of a patient'smedication history. SureScripts will useAlchemy's drug product file, whererequired, to filter information on sensitivemedications, and Alchemy's proprietaryclinical hierarchy.

Integrated seamlessly into any systemor application, Alchemy's drugproduct profile is updated daily. Theupdates include US brand and genericprescription drugs, OTC products,herbals, vitamins and nutritional products,medical devices, and diagnostickits. Therefore, Alchemy provides solutionsfor National Drug Code challenges;follows drug attribute changes;removes brand/generic obstacles, providesmore comprehensive manufacturerdata; and features more completestorage information.

The multitiered proprietary clinicalhierarchy organizes products at a conceptualstage through a combinationof therapeutic classifications, thenthrough drug product groupings. Itallows users to combine data intomajor classifications that more closelyalign with how the products are usedin the market, compared with justtherapeutic classifications.

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