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SP 50

ScriptPro (Mission, Kan) recentlyadded the SP 50 to its line of roboticdispensing systems. SP 50 is the idealfit for pharmacies that have lower prescriptionvolumes or space restrictionsbut need the safety and efficiencyof robotic dispensing. The systemwill allow these stores to grow andmaintain customer service withoutincreasing staff. The product's compactsystem is the perfect introductionto robotic dispensing for pharmaciesfilling <150 prescriptions per day.SP 50 handles the pharmacy's 50 top sellingtablets and capsules and usesScriptPro's robotic dispensing technologyto deliver filled and labeled vials tothe pharmacist for final inspection. SP50 uses a robotic arm to take a prescriptionvial to a medication cell forhands-free dispensing and labelingwith no drug cross-contamination. Thecells can be easily calibrated on-site tohandle all tablets and capsules. Barcodescanning is used throughout theprocess to ensure that the correctdrug is dispensed to the patient everytime. The pharmacist makes a finalcheck for accuracy, comparing thepills in the vial with an on-screenimage from ScriptPro's comprehensivedrug database. For more information,visit, or call800-606-7628.

Medication Pathfinder

Clinical Support Services (Buffalo,NY) recently introduced MedicationPathfinder. The product allows pharmaciststo develop an added revenue streamof patient consultative services. The softwarehelps create complete patient profilesby gathering patients' medical conditionand prescription data from severalsources, allowing the pharmacist to providemedication recommendations thatimprove care and reduce costs. MedicationPathfinder meets national standardsfor medication therapy management(MTM) services and has 5 easy-tousemodules to assist participating pharmacists:(1) DataPath, the patient registermodule; (2) InterviewPath, for on-siteinformation gathering; (3) RecommendationPath,which provides a standard andefficient way to produce recommendationscategorized by medical problem andintervention type; (4) ReportPath, for producingdocumentation for the physicianand patient; and (5) BillingPath, whichproduces HCFA 1500 bills using theAmerican Medical Association's MTMbilling codes. Furthermore, pharmacistscan provide their patients with comprehensivemedical documentation withPMR Smart, which allows patients completeaccess to their medical recordsfrom any Internet connection. for moreinformation.

SecureVault 4.0

Omnicell Inc (MountainView, Calif) recentlyintroduced the SecureVault 4.0, a completesystem for closed-loopmanagement of controlledsubstances. Theproduct solution combinessoftware withadvanced automateddispensing technology,enabling hospital pharmacies to track,monitor, and control the movement ofcontrolled substances from a central vaultto one or more locations. For automatedand nonautomated inventories, the systemprovides a wide range of benefitsincluding compliance with regulatorystandards, increased efficiency for thepharmacy, and improved administrativedecision making. Features of the SecureVault4.0 include real-time, 2-waycommunication, improving accuracy andreducing pharmacy staff waiting time;downtime alerts to let the user know ofsystem and/or hospital interface issues;new and improved reports, including asingle all-detail report of each transactionrelated to controlled substances fromreceipt to patient issue; and managementof several inventories within the pharmacyfor outpatient medications or off-sitestorage. For more information,, or call 800-850-6664.

Skyscape STAT

Skyscape (Marlborough,Mass) recently announcedthat its medical informationservice now operates onthe Windows Mobile Smartphoneplatform—the newestaddition to the SkyscapeSTAT umbrella ofofferings—including thenewly introduced MotorolaQ, Cingular 2125, T-Mobile SDA, Motorolai930 from Sprint, and SPV C600 fromOrange. Skyscape STAT provides its userswith the immediate ability to span acrosstechnologies, products, features, and servicesto get the information they needusing whatever platform they desire. Theextension of Skyscape's product line intothe Windows Mobile-powered Smartphonearena means users now haveaccess to Skyscape's SmARTlink technology.This proprietary technology givesusers access to all of Skyscape's fully integrated300+ medical resources—includingupdates to some 30+ unique medicalspecialties—thus making it easier forthem to access e-mail, the Internet, andbreaking medical news. For more information,visit

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