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Calcium Care

Marketed by:Remington Health Products LLC(Fort Worth, Tex)

Indication:Calcium Care's new vanilla-flavoreddietary supplement is part of theDrinkables line of supplements. The productcombines 2 types of calcium, calciumAMI and calcium citrate, in a liquid formatfor a high level of bioavailability. These calciums havebeen shown to be important building blocks for strongbones and instrumental in the fight against osteoporosis.Calcium Care also includes vitamin D and magnesiumcitrate for added absorption, and folic acid,which has been shown to help relieve symptomssuch as tiredness and diarrhea that can occur withanemia. The recommended daily dose of CalciumCare is 1 oz, taken in 1/2-oz doses in the morning andevening for best absorption. The liquid supplement isavailable in 15-and 30-oz bottles and retails for$10.99 and $17.99, respectively.

For More Information:www.remingtonhealth.com888-333-4256

Disney Digital Thermometers

Marketed by:Dr. Fresh Inc(Buena Park, Calif)

Indication:Disney Digital Thermometers feature abright and colorful sculpted Disney characteron the opposite end of the probe,providing a fun focal point for children.The characters include Mickey Mouse,Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger,Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid. Thethermometers contain no glass or mercury and aresafe for all ages. Children and parents will appreciatethe fast, 10-second temperature readout and thelarge, easy-to-read digital display. The product alsofeatures auto memory, which displays the last temperaturerecorded, and comes with a battery as wellas a supply of probe covers. Disney DigitalThermometers retail for $10.99.

For More Information:www.drfresh.com866-DRFRESH (866-373-7374)

Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

Marketed by:Health Enterprises Inc(N Attleboro, Mass)

Indication:The Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier uses an innovativebuilt-in desiccant lining that will remove damagingdaily moisture for 6 months from the first use. In additionto removing moisture, the product provides asafe, convenient location for storing hearing aids.

For More Information:www.healthenterprises.com800-633-4243

Healthy Teeth Natural Fluoride Rinse

Marketed by:The Natural Dentist(Englewood Cliffs, NJ)

Indication:Designed to help with hard-to-reachplaces, strengthen tooth enamel againstcavities, and soothe sore gums, HealthyTeeth Natural Flouride Rinse is ideal forindividuals undergoing orthodontic treatment.The rinse does not include any alcohol, artificialsweeteners, dyes, or harsh chemicals. The product ismade with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, fluoride,and xylitol. Fluoride strengthens teeth to helpprevent decay and permanent tooth loss by absorbinginto weakened tooth surfaces to rebuild the enamel.Fluoride can also help reduce white spots on teeththat can be caused by braces. Healthy Teeth NaturalFluoride Rinse is available in berry blast flavor.

For More Information:www.thenaturaldentist.com800-615-6895


Marketed by:Fleet Laboratories(Lynchburg, Va)

Indication:HydraLife is an oral rehydrationproduct createdspecifically for adults at riskof dehydration. The productcontains a powerful formulation designed specificallyto maintain proper electrolyte balance in adults. Theproduct was created to ensure that patients preparingfor colonoscopies stay properly hydrated during thebowel-cleansing process. HydraLife's orange-tangerineflavor is better suited for adult tastes without theexcessive sweetness of children's products. The productis available in a ready-to-mix powder for portabilityand convenience.

For More Information:www.cbfleet.com434-528-4000

Johnson's Softwash Nourishing Care 24 Hour Moisture Wash

Marketed by:Johnson & Johnson(New Brunswick, NJ)

Indication:Johnson's Softwash Nourishing Care24 Hour Moisture Wash is clinicallyproven to continue moisturizing andhydrating skin for 24 hours after rinsing.The rich, creamy lather containsadvanced technology that locksmoisture within the skin's surfacefor lasting baby softness. The product also rinses cleanwith no lingering residue. Available in 12-and 20-ozbottles, Johnson's Softwash Nourishing Care 24 HourMoisture Wash retails for $3.99 and $4.99, respectively.

For More Information:www.jnj.com732-524-0400

Nordic Berries

Marketed by:Nordic Naturals(Watsonville, Calif)

Indication:Nordic Berries is a natural multivitaminfor children 2 years of ageand older. The vitamins contain noartificial colorings, flavorings, orpreservatives. The vegetariangummy "berries" are pectin-basedchewables with a kid-pleasingsweet-and-sour taste. The recommended dose forchildren 2 years and older is 4 vitamins daily withfood, or as directed by a health care professional.Nordic Berries is available in 120-count bottles.

For More Information:www.nordicnaturals.com800-662-2544


Marketed by:Windmill Health Products(West Caldwell, NJ)

Indication:OmegaWorks is a new line ofpure essential fatty acids(EFAs). The formulas' high-qualitycompounds includeEPA, DHA, GLA, and ALA. Thesupplements may supportheart, joint, and skin health as well as overall health.Because the body cannot manufacture EFAs on itsown, the best method for ingesting them is throughsupplementation. The products are available in a varietyof formats including Flax Oil, available in an 8-ozbottle; Salmon Oil, available in 120 softgels; Omega3.6.9, available in 50 softgels; Super Omega 3, availablein 50 softgels; and Borage 1000 Oil, available in50 softgels. OmegaWorks retails for $9.95.

For More Information:www.windmillvitamins.com800-822-4320

Spry Spearmint Toothpaste

Marketed by:Xlear Inc(Orem, Utah)

Indication:Spry Spearmint Toothpaste is a cavity-fighting toothpastesweetened exclusively with xylitol and fortifiedwith fluoride. The natural product is the company'sresponse to the professional dental community's continuingadvice to patients to use dental products withfluoride for effective cavity protection. The product ispart of Xlear's Spry Dental Defense System thatincludes Spry Coolmint Toothpaste, Spry Coolmint OralRinse, Spry Tooth Gel, and Spry chewing gum andmints. Spry Spearmint Toothpaste retails for $4.95 pertube.

For More Information:www.Xlear.com877-332-1001

Boost Glucose Control

Marketed by:Novartis Medical Nutrition(Minneapolis, Minn)

Indication:Boost Glucose Control is adrink indicated for individualswith type 2 diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, andinsulin resistance. The product contains less carbohydrateand more protein to minimize the blood glucoseresponse. Boost Glucose Control contains 16 g of proteinand 26 vitamins and minerals in an 8-oz serving.The product is available in vanilla, chocolate, andstrawberry flavors.

For More Information:www.novartisnutrition.com800-333-3785

Castiva Arthritis Pain Relief Lotions

Marketed by:Humco Holding Group(Texarkana, Tex)

Indication:Unlike other arthritis painreliefproducts, Castiva has a unique base of castor oil.Castiva Arthritis Pain Relief Lotions' natural castor oilbase uses the latest in transdermal technology to allowthe menthol and methyl salicylate in the cooling lotionor capsaicin in the warming lotion to penetrate deeplyand provide fast-acting relief. The products feature aneasy-to-open, flip-top tube for simple application forindividuals with arthritis, minor strains, and other jointsymptoms. Each recyclable Castiva carton contains 4oz of product, a free joint health booklet that provideseducational information and tips, and a free sample.

For More Information:www.castivabrands.com

Ice Shield Face with SPF 15

Marketed by:Freeze 24/7(New York, NY)

Indication:Ice Shield Face with SPF 15 is a facialcleanser that simultaneously applies protectivesunscreen by just washing theface. The product is formulated withAquea SPF technology, which uses theprinciples of ceramic chemistry, to alterthe surface structure of active ingredients,making them highly positivelycharged and attracted to negatively charged skin. IceShield Face with SPF 15 is recommended for dailyuse. Individuals should work the product into acreamy lather on hands before massaging liberallyover the entire face, ears, neck, and throat for 1 to 2minutes and then rinse off and pat dry.

For More Information:www.freeze247.com

Life Fitness Vitamins

Marketed by:Life Fitness(Schiller Park, Ill)

Indication:The Life FitnessVitamin lineincludes 12 specialty vitamins that are uniquely formulatedand specially blended to address leadinghealth concerns including cholesterol management,immune defense, energy, heart health, and more. Theproduct line also includes 2 fruit-flavored chews thatdeliver essential nutrients including omega-3 andcranberry in a portable, easy-to-take chew. The shapeof the Life Fitness bottle makes it easy to grip andopen. Designed for optimum readability, the label sitsflat across the front panel of the bottle so it does nothave to be turned over to read the pertinent information.On the face of the bottle, just below the productname, bullet points identify the product benefits andkey ingredients.

For More Information:www.lifefitness.com

Sucrets Defense

Marketed by:Insight Pharmaceuticals Corp(Langhorne, Pa)

Indication:Sucrets Defense with glutathione is a supplementdesigned to boost the immune system. Glutathione isthe body's master antioxidant required by all otherantioxidants to perform their natural function withinthe immune system. In order to replenish the bodywith glutathione when it is needed the most, takeSucrets Defense before entering crowded places likeairplanes, offices, and schools to maintain the body'snatural immune system. Sucrets Defense, whichretails for $6.99, is available in cherry, tropical fruit,cool mint, and grape flavors.

For More Information:www.SucretsDefense.com800-344-7239


Marketed by:Quigley Corp(Doylestown, Pa)

Indication:PainGoes is a pain-relievingspray for the temporaryrelief of minor aches andpains of muscles and jointsassociated with arthritis,simple backache, strains,bruises, and sprains. The product is virtually odorlessand nongreasy and does not burn when eithersprayed on or gently rubbed into the skin and allowedto dry. PainGoes retails for $14.99.

For More Information:www.RolliesFollies.com

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