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The resignation of David Brailer, MD,PhD, national coordinator for health informationtechnology (IT), will not impedethe move towards national adoption ofelectronic health records (EHRs). Appointedby George W. Bush in May 2004,Dr. Brailer said that his original plan was"to come and stay for 2 years, and that iswhat I have done."

During his tenure, Dr. Brailer made significantprogress in health IT. For example,he:

  • Established the American HealthInformation Community—a 17-member panel representing largeemployers, technology companies,and government officials, to fosterthe adoption of health IT nationwide
  • Awarded contracts for $18.6 millionto 4 consortia to develop prototypesfor a national infrastructure to supportEHRs
  • Started programs to reduce roadblocksto privacy, security, and interoperabilitythat delay widespreaduse of IT
  • Announced plans to commence projectsin biosurveillance, EHRs, chroniccare management, and consumerempowerment

Dr. Brailer will be chairing the searcheffort to find candidates for his position.Until a successor is chosen, the work ofthe Office of the National Coordinatorwill continue under the 4 permanentdirectors of the office.

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