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Language Line Phone

Language Line Services (Monterey, Calif) recently introduced the Language Line Phone. Ideal for the pharmacy environment, the unique, quick-dial, dual-handset telephone provides the pharmacist and patient with a Language Line Services interpreter for a convenient and secure tool to communicate specifics about prescriptions. Interpreters with whom pharmacy patients are connected through the Language Line Phone are medically certified. All Language Line Services interpreters that work in the health care field advance through a medical certification process, which includes health care-specific training and testing to ensure that their skills meet the company's standards. Features of the Language Line Phone also include better hygiene because parties have a personal handset, safeguarding against contagions that can be spread through a single handset; security because sensitive information can be shared confidentially, without using a speakerphone; simplicity because the access number to Language Line Services is already programmed into the phone, making it easier to reach the interpreter; and tangible proof of a pharmacy's commitment to providing equal access to service in compliance with published laws and regulations. For more information, visit, or call 877-886-3885.


Particle Measuring Systems Inc's (Boulder, Colo) LASAIR II portable airborne particle counter is now equipped with GMP and ISO features and a USB port. This portable particle counter calculates and creates reports for EC GMP Annex #1, ISO 14644-1, and FS-209E testing and provides easy subsampling for ISO certification. Both ISO and EC GMP reports are generated from a single sampling run. The product has a comprehensive validation manual to meet the regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers, making it easier to implement new technologies. The LASAIR II includes a USB port that can be used to download data or with a remote keyboard. The product also comes with a rugged, chemically resistant casing that can be wiped down with harsh industrial cleaners and sterilization fluids. For more information, visit, or call 800-238-1801.


Enterprising Vision Inc and Halex Technology Consulting Inc's (Toronto, Ontario) MemoText is a mobile memory reminder that helps patients comply with their medications. Pharmacists, technicians, and customer service representatives are recruiting patients at the point of sale to receive multiple daily reminders for anything from daily/multiple medications to diabetes blood glucose testing.The system can be integrated into the pharmacy's business process so that pharmacists can call, fax, or sign up patients on-line. Pharmacies can choose to provide the service as a mechanism to improve compliance and refills themselves or resell the service directly to consumers. Depending on the needs of the patient, reminder notifications are delivered via automated outbound voice and/or short message service text message. The product, which offers reminders to any landline telephone or cellular phone, has a "Follow Me" technology so that patients can tailor a messaging/reminder service that fits within their own already established life schedule. For more information, visit, or call 877-Memo-Txt (877-636-6898).


InstantDx's (Gaithersburg, Md) OnCallData electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) service allows physicians to use any Web-enabled device to send a legible prescription or refill approval to any pharmacy within seconds. With OnCallData, physicians can conveniently and rapidly review a patient's medication history or check drug-drug interactions, potential drug allergies, and drug formulary information. The system's software is encrypted, allowing for confidential communication of patient information between the physician and the pharmacist. Another key advantage of OnCallData is its interoperability with the practice software that physicians already use in their offices. For more information, visit, or call 800-576-0526.

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