California Hospital Chooses Lexi-Comp's System

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

Kaiser Permanente Health Systemswill implement Lexi-Comp's KnowledgeSolution and Lexi-Comp InformationManagement System (LIMS) throughoutits hospitals and clinics in California. TheKaiser network in California includes 29hospitals.

The adoption of the KnowledgeSolution, which includes LIMS, allowsKaiser to make real-time updates to itsformulary and deliver them immediatelyto clinicians in their preferred electronicplatform. The system also includes sitelicense access to all of Lexi-Comp's contentvia Lexi-Comp ONLINE, ON-HAND,ON-WEB, and ON-DESKTOP. This contentoffers integration with computerizedphysician order entry, electronic medicalrecords, medication administration records,and pharmacy information systemsusing an application program interfacetool kit powered by Lexi-ON.

LIMS is a vital part of the KnowledgeSolution, providing information managerswith a series of precreated "tags"in extensible markup language thatmarks fields of information, paragraphs,spacing, fonts, logos, and characters. Themanagement system allows health systemsto recognize only those fields thatare most germane to their clinicians oneach platform, as well as allowing for fullcontrol of how those fields are ordered,labeled, and displayed. Individuals usingthe system also have the benefit andconvenience of "sharing" fields withintheir formulary with Lexi-Comp's content.This translates to their formularybeing automatically updated when Lexi-Comp's information is updated.

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