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DUSA Pharmaceuticals Inc (Wilmington,Mass) announced that the US District Courtin Trenton, NJ, has issued a preliminaryinjunction against River's Edge PharmaceuticalsLLC (Suwanee, Ga), prohibiting it fromselling the generic version of DUSA's acne drug Nicomide (niacinamide).DUSA, a dermatology specialty pharmaceutical company,reported that the court has ordered River's Edge to stopimporting, making, having made, using, selling, and/or offeringto sell its niacinamide formula drug as a generic substitute for

Nicomide and to immediately recall the product. The court alsohas ordered River's Edge to remove the listing of its product asa substitute from the National Drug Data File maintained byFirst DataBank Inc and any similar database.Nicomide was among the main products acquired by DUSAwhen it merged with Sirius Laboratories Inc in March of this year.DUSA and Sirius Laboratories, now a wholly owned subsidiary,had sued River's Edge for infringing the patent related toNicomide. The court had agreed in April 2006 to an expeditedhearing of the motion for the preliminary injunction in the casebrought by DUSA.

DUSA President and Chief Operating Officer Bob Doman commented,"The merger with Sirius successfully broadened the proprietaryportfolio of products that we could offer to dermatologistsand other clinicians. Since then, our newly expanded salesorganization has been actively promoting Nicomide."

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