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Marketed by: Thomas Pharmaceuticals Ltd (New York, NY)

Indication: Acid+All is indicated for the immediate relief of heartburn, acid indigestion, and sour stomach. An effective antigas antacid, Acid+All is calcium-enriched and sugar-free. Each tablet contains 460 mg of calcium carbonate and 21 mg of simethicone. Packaged in a convenient stylish blue and green tin, Acid+All can be carried in a handbag or briefcase to dinner or nightlife. Available in a 32-tablet tin, spearmint-flavored Acid+All retails for $3.89.

For More Information: www.AcidAll.com 888-922-1959


Marketed by: Thompson Brands (Meriden, Conn)

Indication: Adora is a gourmet chocolate calcium supplement. The product's unique formulation fuses premium milk or dark chocolate with calcium and vitamins D and K to satisfy a craving for chocolate, while giving the body the nutrients it needs. The conveniently sized product, similar to a nutrition bar, contains the same delicious chocolate taste and texture as disk-shaped calcium supplements. The new 3-Pack "On-The-Go" package of Adora is available in both milk and dark chocolate and retails for $1.19.

For More Information: www.adoraCalcium.com 800-648-4058

Biot?ne Sensitive Toothpaste

Marketed by: Laclede Inc (Rancho Dominguez, Calif)

Indication: Because dry mouth can be a major cause of tooth sensitivity, Biot?ne Sensitive Toothpaste combines the most effective active ingredient for protection against tooth sensitivity, potassium nitrate, with Biot?ne's patented Enzyme LP3 Complex to inhibit harmful bacterial growth found in oral infections and gingivitis. The combination provides protection against sensitivity, while the natural immune-boosting enzymes promote healing of bleeding gums and irritation caused by dry mouth. Biot?ne Sensitive Toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate-free and is sweetened with xylitol.

For More Information: www.biotene.com 800-922-5856

b?ji Wash

Marketed by: Cade Laboratories (Chicago, Ill)

Indication: b?ji Wash is indicated for the treatment of poison ivy and poison oak. The product's gentle, exfoliating cleanser works anytime after symptoms appear or after exposure by washing away urushiol. Through the basic act of surrounding and removing the oil from the skin, b?ji Wash quickly relieves itching and irritation. The product is available in a 2-oz tube with a retail price of $14.99.

For More Information: www.bujiproducts.com

Calendula Cream

Marketed by: Boiron (Newtown Square, Pa)

Indication: Boiron has expanded its Calendula line to include a cream for the treatment of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and other skin irritations. The addition of Calendula Cream provides consumers with a light-texture option, better for sensitive skin and faces. The product's moisturizing softness also is particularly suitable for sunburn, diaper rash, and dry skin. Available in a 2.5-oz tube, Calendula Cream retails for $8.99.

For More Information: www.boiron.com 800-BOIRON-1 (800-264-7661)


Marketed by: Berg Imports (Ann Arbor, Mich)

Indication: DiosVein has recently been launched in the US supplement and nutraceutical market to address vascular health issues. The product, bioflavanoid-rich and derived from sweet orange, provides soothing relief of vein discomfort and rarely interferes with other physician-prescribed therapies. DiosVein is made from the supplement diosmin, which has been used for >30 years as an anti-inflammatory and vascular-protecting agent.

For More Information: 734-327-9723

Crest Whitestrips Supreme

Marketed by: Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Indication: Crest Whitestrips Supreme gives individuals professional tooth whitening at home. The product works by using clear, flexible strips coated with a specially formulated whitening gel (14% hydrogen peroxide; equivalent to 42% carbamide peroxide) to brighten and whiten teeth. The powerful gel coating, which is the same enamel-safe whitening ingredient dentists use, penetrates deep to remove stains. Crest Whitestrips Supreme should be worn twice a day for 30 minutes. The product retails for $75.

For More Information: www.crestrebate.com

Hyland's Teething Tablets

Marketed by: Hyland's Inc (Los Angeles, Calif)

Indication: Hyland's Inc has repackaged its Hyland's Teething Tablets to include specific Spanish-language drug information on the interior of the package and dosage and usage instructions on the exterior. The product helps alleviate 4 of the main symptoms that often accompany teething: red, inflamed gums; fever; irritability; and excessive drool. The tablets also help relieve the restlessness that can go along with teething. Hyland's Teething Tablets are available in a 125-count bottle, which retails for $5.99.

For More Information: www.hylandsteething.com 800-624-9659

Multi-betic for Women

Marketed by: Health Care Products (Amityville, NY), a division of Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co Inc

Indication: Multi-betic for Women is an advanced diabetic multivitamin geared to women with diabetes. The tablet supplement contains 1000 mg of calcium to support bone density and strength, 400 international units of vitamin D for making calcium more bioavailable, and 400 mg of folic acid for helping to maintain healthy blood levels of homocysteine. The product also contains chromium for its role in insulin function and the promotion of healthy body weight, lycopene for its role in helping to balance glycemic levels and for enhancing heart health, lutein for its role in supporting normal vision and macular health, and alpha lipoic acid for its role in helping to convert blood sugar into energy and for promoting healthy nerve function. Multi-betic for Women is available in a 120-count bottle.

For More Information: www.diabeticproducts.com 866-263-9003

Refresh Dry Eye Therapy

Marketed by: Allergan Inc (Irvine, Calif)

Indication: Refresh Dry Eye Therapy is an eye treatment that contains an advanced moisture- lock formula designed to provide sustained relief of dry eye symptoms, including persistent irritation, burning, and discomfort. The product's unique emulsion-based formulation stays on the eye for up to 4 hours and treats all 3 layers of tear film by sealing in moisture and helping to prevent tears from evaporating. Refresh Dry Eye Therapy works by stabilizing the lipid, mucin, and aqueous layers of tear film, the moisture layers that coat, lubricate, and protect the surface of the eyes.

For More Information: www.refreshbrand.com

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