Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

In an effort to thwart counterfeit Tamiflu(oseltamivir phosphate), Roche hasreleased practical guidelines outlining anumber of steps patients can take to protectthemselves, along with informationresources and Web site links. The new recommendationsprovide specific informationand tools to help patients avoid purchasingfake Tamiflu, identify the genuinemedication, and act with caution if suspicions arise. The recommendations(available at include the following:

•How to avoid purchasing counterfeit drugs—Patients should exercisecaution when purchasing medications on-line, be wary of offers to sellmedications without a valid prescription, and purchase them only froma licensed pharmacy.

•How to identify authentic Tamiflu—Tamiflu comes in a white cardboardbox, which contains a single blister package with 10 capsules.Each capsule is a distinctiveyellow and light grey and isprinted with the words "Roche75 mg."

•Where to obtain information relatedto counterfeiting—Individualsshould identify licensed pharmacies,obtain counterfeit drug alerts,and report suspicious product orretailers to the proper authorities.