Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

The Merck Manual, 18th edition, is nowavailable from Merck & Co Inc. The newedition adds such timely topics as bird flu,biological warfare, severe acute respiratorysyndrome, metabolic syndrome, andadvance directives.

Among the 34 new chapters are oneson nutritional support, the autonomicnervous system, complementary andalternative medicine, the approach toidentify the critically ill patient, and dietarysupplements. The reference facilitateseasy searches via a detailed index, thumbtabs, and new page-specific cross references.The updated version also focusesmore on the clinician, with practical, specificrecommendations regarding diagnosisand treatment. The Merck Manualretails for $55and is availableat bookstoresor by calling877-438-6643or visiting www.merck/