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Rx One: Registered Pharmacist Alan Arnowitz of The Medicine Shoppe in Hackensack, NJ, was stumped when the patient brought this prescription into the pharmacy. He made several attempts to unscramble the physician's order, to no avail. Finally giving up, he called the physician's office for assistance. Do you think you will have better luck at figuring out this prescription?

Rx Two: Registered Pharmacist Barbara Nolan of Eckerd Drugs #6691 in Hillsborough, NJ, knew that this prescription was going to be a problem because of the illegible handwriting. On the day the prescription came into the pharmacy, Nolan called the prescribing physician's office at 4:35 PM for clarification. The office was closed. Her next call was to the patient, who knew exactly what medication was being ordered. Nolan was able to verify the prescription with the physician's office the next day. How many steps will you have to take in order to figure out this prescription?

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Rx 1: Polytrim eye drops, 2 drops qid x 7 days, both eyes. Rx 2: Motrin 800 mg, #60, 1 tablet po bid with meals.

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