Plan Ahead for Disaster

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

The devasation of Hurricane Katrina brought medical emergencies to the forefront, especially for patients with diabetes. The American Diabetes Association has outlined several suggestions for patients who find themselves in an emergency situation. Patients should:

  • Identify themselves as having diabetes right away for quick access to health care
  • Carry some type of food containing fast-acting sugar so that a low-blood-sugar reaction can be treated if it occurs
  • Always have a bottle of water or a noncarbonated drink to stay hydrated without shooting blood glucose too high
  • Try to have extra syringes on hand, if needed
  • Try to have a 2-or 3-week supply of other necessary diabetes supplies
  • Prepare a "key information list" with physicians' names and numbers, a list of medications being taken, and insurance information
  • Have ice packs in the freezer to take to keep insulin cold, if necessary

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