Drug Researchers Test 62 New Breast Cancer Drugs

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

Pharmaceutical industry researchersare working on a total of 62 new medicinesto treat breast cancer—a developmentthat industry leaders sayshould give fresh hope to the millionsof women at risk for the disease in theUnited States. The promising newbreast cancer treatments are amongmore than 400 new medicines underdevelopment to treat diseases thataffect American women, according tothe results of a study conducted by thePharmaceutical Research and Manufacturersof America (PhRMA).

In addition to the breast cancertreatments in the research and developmentpipeline, the PhRMA surveyidentified 72 pharmaceuticals in developmentfor arthritis and musculoskeletaldisorders; 58 for obstetric/gynecologicconditions; 62 for diabetes; and47 for autoimmune diseases—all conditionsthat disproportionately afflictwomen. "It is heartening to know thatthere are so many medicines beingdeveloped to treat women—our grandmothers,mothers, wives, sisters, anddaughters," said Billy Tauzin, presidentand chief executive officer of PhRMA.

Mr. Rankin is a freelance medical writer.

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