Hospital Admission Rates Decrease

Pharmacy Times, Volume 0,0

Studies conducted by the Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) indicate that hospitalizationsfor diabetes havedecreased. One CDC study showedthat for patients with diabetesthe admission rate for a potentiallypreventable reason dropped by35% between 1994 and 2002.The study evaluated the incidenceof complications of uncontrolleddiabetes that would lead toan emergency room visit, kidneyfailure, or limb amputation.Although the number of US diabetes-related hospitalizationsactually rose marginally over the8-year period, it was against abackdrop of significant increasein the occurrence of the disease.

A separate CDC study that focusedon kidney failure and diabetesfound that the rate of kidneyfailure fell by ~30% since1996. The result is promisingdespite the rise in prevalence ofthe disease in the United States.CDC lead investigator Nilka RiosBurrows, MPH, said that newmedications to control bloodsugar and hypertension are a significantreason for the drop in diabetes-related kidney failure.