VHU Adds New Features

Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

Retail pharmacists and health careprofessionals can take advantage ofPharmavite's Vitamin Herb University(VHU). The company has revised itson-line dietary supplement informationfor pharmacists (www.vitaminherbuniversity.com) by updating theentire herbal section, adding detailedclinical data, and launching a new,accredited continuing education programon heart health.

"The Vitamin and Herb Universityhelps pharmacists stay informed onproper supplement use. As we introducenew products, it's important toensure [that] pharmacists have accessto the latest science, including detaileddrug-nutrient interaction data," saidRachel Agnew, RD, of Pharmavite professionaleducation.

VHU was developed to help retailpharmacists and health care professionalshave immediate access todetailed dietary supplement information."Pharmacists can share VHUinformation with customers, to helpthem make the right choices to stayhealthy," Agnew added.