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Rx 1: Mohammad A. Siddiqui, PharmD, of St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead, Ky, knew that this prescription was going to be time-consuming. After spending time trying to crack the physician's handwriting code to no avail, Siddiqui called the physician's office for clarification. Do you know what the physician ordered?

Rx 2: When Helen Xenos, PharmD, Patrick Matchen, PharmD, and the pharmacy staff of Walgreens #6297 in Chicago, Ill, received this prescription, they were confident about the medication being prescribed. The only question that remained was the strength. They were in for a surprise when they called the physician's office to check the dosage. The medication was not what they thought. Do you have the right answer?

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Rx 1: Midazolam 5 mg, po x 1;

Rx 2: Premesis, #60, 1 tablet qd

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