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Pharmacy TimesNovember 2011 Cough & Cold
Volume 77
Issue 11

60/30 Combination

Marketed by: Kirby Lester

Kirby Lester unveiled the 60/30 Combination—a “well-matched pairing” of its compact KL60 dispensing robot and KL30 counting and verification tool that work seamlessly together to simplify pharmacy operations and improve medication safety. With both systems in place, pharmacies can automate their top 90 medications (or up to 50% of total volume) and verify the accuracy of all prescription orders. Occupying 9 square feet of floor space and 2 feet of counter space, the 60/30 combination features the networked and interfaced KL60 and KL30 systems, full interfacing to the pharmacy management system for immediate prescription transmissions, fast, accurate drug cassettes, work flow software to streamline the dispensing process, inventory management tools, and onscreen drug images.

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Ideal life Wireless Health Kiosk

Marketed by: Sprint and Ideal Life

In October, Telemedicine took a big leap forward with the launch of Ideal Life’s wireless touchscreen kiosks, designed to help patients track and share their health and wellness information more easily. Powered by Sprint’s 3G network, the self-service kiosks can quickly and securely transmit data from a personal mobile monitoring device, such as those used to manage diabetes, asthma, and congestive heart failure, to a physician or other health care professional. Ideal Life plans to place the kiosks in high-traffic public spots—for example, pharmacies, gyms, libraries, and health clinics—where users can check their blood pressure, weight, blood glucose levels, and other vitals as part of a healthy self-care routine.

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Linus Linear Dispensing Unit (LDU)

Marketed by: Tension Packaging & Automation

Tension Packaging & Automation announced the launch of LINUS LDU, a new linear dispensing unit created for high-output pharmacies. LINUS LDU enables mail order and central fill pharmacies to automate the dispensing, labeling, and verification of prescriptions packaged in irregularly shaped boxes and bottles. By reducing the number of personnel needed for these tasks, the system helps pharmacies fill more prescriptions at a faster rate while lowering costs. LINUS LDU uses a multi-step bar code and radio frequency identification process, as well as proprietary quality assurance technology designed by Tension’s engineers, to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

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Marketed by: voiceTech

To help pharmacies meet the demands of today’s connected patient, voiceTech introduced ServiceLink-Rx, a pharmacy-to-patient communication platform that analyzes pharmacy data to deliver messages to patients via phone call, text message, e-mail, or mobile app. Using a chain or independent pharmacy’s own records, ServiceLink-Rx determines when it’s time for a patient to refill a medication and sends a reminder. If the patient wants the refill, voiceTech’s technology automatically moves the refill into a work queue so that staff can fill the prescription. The service can also use a patient’s prescription history to send other individualized health messages as needed, such as notifications about promotions or discounts.

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