7 Benefits a LinkedIn Page Can Give Your Business


LinkedIn also provides a platform for engagement and thought leadership.

With so many social media options out there, LinkedIn isn’t always seen as the most important for attracting customers. But I challenge you to rethink that.

LinkedIn’s own company page on the platform explains that it exists to connect the world’s professionals. This means access to new talent to build the future of your pharmacy. Beyond that, Linkedin connects your pharmacy to the other top brands operating in your community.

As with all social media sites, LinkedIn also provides a platform for engagement and thought leadership. By creating a corporate page and maintaining a regular content calendar to connect with your LinkedIn community, your business can benefit.

Here are 7 reasons you should develop a LinkedIn page for your pharmacy today:

1. LinkedIn connects professionals and supports recruiting.

There is no shortage of pharmacists, but recruiting is still a tricky process. LinkedIn puts talented professionals and their resumes just a few clicks away.

It also provides an opportunity for you to support the interns and co-ops that pass through your pharmacy by connecting their experience with your brand and providing a more credible experience.

Investing in people is key because they will provide the service that keeps your customers coming back. Using LinkedIn provides an extra tool through which your pharmacy can engage and recruit talent that will in turn improve revenue for your pharmacy.

2. LinkedIn is a platform to establish your brand as a thought leader.

The style of posts and writing on LinkedIn varies from the more general interest of Facebook or Twitter. Your LinkedIn community will largely be made up of pharmacists, medical professionals, and other business leaders in your community.

Use LinkedIn to make your business stand out by creating engaging content that relates directly to the work you and your team do everyday.

From short updates to long form blog posts, LinkedIn provides a number of content types to keep those that follow your page engaged.

Share professional content that will help build your pharmacy’s credibility in the medical community. Also, create content that challenges your online community to think strategically about the world of pharma.

3. LinkedIn opens B2B opportunities and can help target medical professionals.

When it comes to business to business leads, LinkedIn is king. Word of mouth is extremely important when engaging other leaders in the community where you live to build your business.

Use LinkedIn to strengthen your relationship with local physicians, nurses and other medical professionals. Follow hospitals and other top referral sources. Be supportive of their content and stay engaged. Continue to post engaging content from your business page to further develop your thought leadership.

These third party sources are the heart of LinkedIn’s value for your business. Their support , influence and recommendation can help your business get the attention it deserves from local patients and your soon to be new customers.

4. LinkedIn is another tool for increased brand awareness.

When your goal is to build an online presence that is synergistic and supports the revenue and marketing goals of your pharmacy, LinkedIn should be on your list.

This fairly low maintenance platform doesn’t call for the daily content creation that is recommended with outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Instead, a little goes a long way with this one. Thoughtful, professional content helps further enhance your pharmacy and brand.

Your customers, the medical community and your future employees are using LinkedIn. By building a name for your pharmacy on this platform, you are opening your business up to an eager audience looking for content and engagement.

Encourage users to follow your page by offering a one time discount to those engaged with your business on LinkedIn. And, don’t forget to use your other social channels to promote and drive new views and followers to your LinkedIn page.

5. LinkedIn offers important listening opportunities and engagement.

LinkedIn is a great source for new ideas and feedback from users. Pose questions about areas of your business that are challenging or ask what qualities to look for in new pharmacy hires. The LinkedIn community is there to be tapped if you’re ready to listen.

Moreover, the content you develop will drive engagement and additional listening opportunities.

LinkedIn will connect your business with other professionals that can further your thought process and inspire innovative solutions to pressing challenges.

6. LinkedIn helps your staff and fellow pharmacists stay plugged-in.

Don’t forget that at the core of every business are the employees. They make it possible for your pharmacy to be successful.

LinkedIn is a unique forum for engaging employees and involving them in professional discussions about your field. It’s also a great way for leaders at your pharmacy to learn about new techniques, trainings or other discoveries.

For those of you who haven’t used LinkedIn before, it’s important to note that employee recognition is a key element. Your staff can follow your page and engage with posts, but beyond that, leaders with their own profiles can post recommendations for outstanding performers.

7. LinkedIn makes partnerships and public relations easier.

Beyond the medical community, LinkedIn can help your business connect with media and other community members that may have innovative ways to connect.

Perhaps there’s a new gym in town that’s looking to find a compounding pharmacy to support their nutrition supplements. If your content is out there and they know your pharmacy shares their culture and interest, leads like this can come your way.

For media there may be some initial work involved identifying stakeholders of value to your brand. Once you find the influencers that can help highlight the work your pharmacy is doing in the community, encourage them to follow you on LinkedIn. Then, they’ll be in the loop with your latest updates and can reach out on stories of interest.

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