For 10 years Camber Pharmaceuticals has been one of the fastest growing generics companies in the US. Camber’s commitment is to bring generic pharmaceuticals to the market to improve quality of life through cost-effective medications. Kon Ostaficiuk, President of Camber remarked, “We have numerous new product launches scheduled for the next 12 months which allows us to bring more value to our partners and the patients they serve. We are deeply focused on maintaining excellence in our supply chain and continue to put people and procedures in place to accomplish this goal as we add to our portfolio.” In addition to its highly competitive portfolio, Camber is noted for exceptional customer service and a dedicated team of seasoned sales professionals with deep experience in the generics industry.

In addition to providing a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage to our customers, Camber’s goals include:
  • Strengthening strategic partnership alliances
  • Anticipating and responding to customer needs
  • Maintaining transparency in all areas of business
  • Committing to a reliable and high quality supply of products
  • Ramping up tech transfers between facilities

With well over 1 million square feet of new manufacturing and warehouse space added in India and its new U.S. facilities, Camber now has more than 2.5 million square feet dedicated solely to the U.S. market. In addition, we are more than 90 percent vertically integrated on all our products. In addition to new manufacturing facilities, Camber’s new corporate headquarters and expanded warehouse space is currently under construction. Added Ostificiuk, “This more than doubles our current warehouse space which allows us to maintain a robust inventory of the products our customers need most.” Camber’s current portfolio includes 57 products (162 SKUs), 47 of which are manufactured by Hetero Drugs and 10 manufactured by Ascent Pharmaceuticals. Camber’s future pipeline includes 55 ANDAs filed/under review and 15-plus ANDAs projected for release in 2019.

Camber Consumer Care, Inc. is a division of Camber Pharmaceuticals in Piscataway, NJ and a member of the Hetero Drugs family, one of India’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies. Vic Mazzacone, vice president of sales for Camber Consumer Care, states, “Our mission is to provide a focused and reliable supply of over-the-counter drugs to the marketplace, creating value for our partners and savings for the consumer. Our goal is to become a strategic supplier to retailers demanding a quality-driven, reliable and responsive OTC store brand source.” 

Camber Consumer Care is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of quality in all products. We adhere to all of the highest standards when it comes to health, safety and environmental practices.
The category focus for Camber Consumer Care’s portfolio is allergy and pain medication. Products include:
  • Fexofenadine HCL 180mg tablets 
  • Ibuprofen 200mg softgels
  • Cetirizine HCL 10mg tablets
  • Cetirizine HCL 118ml oral solution
  • Naproxen sodium 220mg tablets
  • Ibuprofen 100mg/5ml suspension
  • Loratadine 10mg tablets 

Today, our parent company, Hetero Drugs, is the largest privately held pharmaceutical company in India and a world leader in API production with a strong global presence in over 120 countries. Saving lives is their passion and they continue to help shape a healthier world through affordable medications, as they have for over 25 years. 

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