July/August 2013

Growth Hormone Therapy: A Specialty Pharmacy Overview

August 13, 2013

Clinical Insights

Growth hormone deficiency in children and adults is a disease state that utilizes growth hormone therapy. Here is what specialty pharmacists can do for these patients and what they should know about these conditions.

Synergies in Specialty: The 3 P's of Specialty Pharmacy--Pharmacy, Payer, and Product

August 09, 2013


In the development of a specialty pharmacy strategy, there are many key stakeholders, but none more important than the pharmacy, payer, and product. Each has its own mission and goals; however, at some point they must all come together.

New Roles for Oncology Pharmacists

August 07, 2013

Oncology Trends

These pharmacists have specialized knowledge about pharmaceuticals and their use in treating cancer and its comorbidities, and they work collaboratively with the health care team to optimize outcomes.

RSV Just as Deadly as Flu in Elderly Patients

August 01, 2013

Disease State Management

A new study finds that RSV infections in elderly patients can lead to respiratory failure, prolonged hospitalizations, and morbidity rates similar to those caused by seasonal influenza.