Pet Peeves (May 2019)

MAY 19, 2019

Wanted: Mind Reader 
Customers asking how much their Rx will be when they hand me their Rx. There is no way I have every single patients’ co-pay memorized. 

Easy-to-Ease Drop
Patients talking on their cell phone. It’s rude and I have info they probably need. 

Not Prepared
When patients don’t bring their prescription insurance card and expect you to fill their prescription anyway. 

All Bark, All Bite
A patient saying, “you and your system are making things up!” Then, they show you an old vial whose most recent fill was a month ago. 

What's Bothering You?
Bossy patients, abandoned prescriptions, drive-through demands? We want to know! Send your pet peeves to We’ll share them here and online.