can you READ these Rxs?

MARCH 01, 2008

When the patient brought in this prescription, Maire McGinn, PharmD, and Moira Tibbs, CPhT, of Kroger Pharmacy #523 in Midlothian, Virginia, were unable to interpret the medication being ordered. They conferred with the patient who only had an idea of what medication he thought was prescribed. McGinn and Tibbs consulted with the prescribing physician for clarification. Do you know what the physician told them?

Whereas Mitali K. Stevens, PharmD, of CVS/pharmacy #6141 in Trotwood, Ohio, had an idea what medication was prescribed based on the patient's profile, Stevens still contacted the prescriber for verification. No one except the prescriber was able to decipher this prescription. Despite not knowing the patient's profile, can you translate this script?