MARCH 01, 2008

K. Anji Reddy, BSc, PhD; Michael Leavitt, secretary of US Department of Health and Human Services; Andrew von Eschenbach, MD, commissioner of the FDA

Michael Leavitt, secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services, visited Dr. Reddy's pharmaceutical campus near Hyderabad, India, as part of a larger effort to reaffirm the quality of products manufactured by suppliers exporting to the United States. One of the purposes of the visit was to help create collaboration opportunities beyond domestic borders and assure the quality of drug products around the world.

Accompanied by Andrew von Eschenbach, MD, commissioner of the FDA, and David Hopper, US Consul General in Chennai, Leavitt visited Dr. Reddy's finished-dosage facility, one of the largest FDA-inspected finished-dosage manufacturing facilities in Asia. Leavitt also stopped at Innovation Plaza, the company's integrated product development facility, and was escorted by K. Anji Reddy, BSc, PhD, founder and chairman of the company.

Speaking at a press conference held at Innovation Plaza, Leavitt stated, "We all recognize that disease does not know any borders, and solutions to those diseases, likewise, should not know any borders." Dr. von Eschenbach spoke about the need for drug-product quality and safety, the transparency of the manufacturing process, and about how high quality and low costs are the 2 most important components affecting the global pharmaceutical business.

"Our visit to India and to Dr. Reddy's was undertaken specifically to open up a dialogue that will help the drug business ensure quality at each level of its operation," he said.