can you READ these Rxs?

JANUARY 01, 2008

Santino Colabianchi, PharmD, of Thrif-T Drugs Inc in Pensacola, Florida, was handed this prescription just before the pharmacy closed on a Friday. The pharmacist was unable to fill the prescription because he could not determine the medication being ordered. He explained to the patient that getting the script filled would have to wait until Monday when he could call the prescribing physician's office for clarification. Can you figure out this script?

Marree Lake, PharmD, of Coop Pharmacy in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, had no problem understanding this script's dose instructions. The name of the drug, however, was a different story. Lake is familiar with this prescribing physician's illegible handwriting. The pharmacy staff is usually able to decipher his prescriptions. Lake, however, had to call the prescribing physician's office to determine the new medication being ordered for the patient. Can you decode this prescription?