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JANUARY 01, 2008

eMinder Helps Patients Comply with Drug Therapy

Cogi Systems? (Minnetonka, MN) eMinder is an electronic reminder system for medication and care-management needs. eMinder is a computer-generated simple message service (SMS) that delivers a text message to the patient?s mobile phone. Each text message reminds patients to take their medication on a schedule determined by themselves and their physician or pharmacist. The messaging sent from eMinder helps patients develop a pattern or habit, resulting in proper use of prescribed medications. The product also serves as a reminder for appointments and other notification needs that support patient wellness. Reliable and easy-to-use, eMinder SMS delivers messages wherever telecommunication reception is available.

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ApotheCare-MTM Optimizes Therapeutic Outcomes

Cerner Etreby's (Garden Grove, CA) ApotheCare-MTM enhances the pharmacist's role in health care in a variety of practice settings. The system is designed to address medication therapy management's (MTM) 5 core components: medication therapy review; personal medication record (PMR); assessment, intervention, and referral; medication action plan (MAP); and documentation and follow-up. Medication therapy review is the process of assessing the patient's current medication therapy, allowing the pharmacist to document all prescription and OTC drugs, as well as other remedies that the patient is taking to allow for the comprehensive checks to be performed by the database engines. The PMR is generated and given to the patient for use in medication self-management. In addressing medication-related problems, the pharmacist intervenes and/or refers the patient to the appropriate counsel when necessary. This stage is designed to optimize the drug therapy of a patient and provide clinical records of proposed actions or interventions performed to solve the patient's problem. The MAP is a handout given to the patient at the end of the visit. It is a patientcentered document created together by the patient, pharmacist, physician, and other health care providers. Every MTM service performed gets documented in ApotheCare-MTM in a consistent manner, and a follow-up MTM visit is scheduled with the patient or caregiver.

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PharmaTrak Follows Drug Supply Chain

System Planning Corp (Arlington, VA) recently introduced PharmaTrak, an industry-specific derivative of its patented GlobalTrak asset monitoring and tracking system engineered to meet the rigorous tracking and monitoring requirements for pharmaceuticals and biomedical supplies. Pharma-Trak provides real-time tracking and monitoring throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain from manufacturer to distributor to retailer or clinical trial?without gaps?as shipments move from trucks to ships, back to surface transport, and through distribution centers. The system?s sensor suite begins with basic security monitors such as door position, light, and acoustic detectors. The industry-essential temperature sensors on Pharma-Trak can be set to monitor and record temperature, report periodic average readings at customer-determined intervals, and send immediate alerts if excursions beyond acceptable ranges occur. Humidity, shock, and vibration sensors also can be calibrated to alert or report as needed.

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Omnicell WorkflowRx 5.0 Aids Pharmacy Operation

Omnicell Inc?s (Mountain View, CA) Omnicell WorkflowRx 5.0 central pharmacy automation solution allows pharmacy staff to complete automated dispensing, unit-dose packaging, and other maintenance tasks simultaneously. The solution also increases productivity and efficiency through a unique intelligent hardware recovery management feature that frees staff to focus on direct patient care activities. Omnicell WorkflowRx 5.0 solution interfaces with Omnicell?s bar-code packaging system and inventory management carousel system to manage 100% of the central pharmacy inventory and dispensing tasks. New features of the solution include an integrated 340B order process that tracks 340B-eligible drug use and automatically generates 340B-specific purchase orders, allowing participating facilities to realize the benefits of 340B pricing without complicated management of drug use data.

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