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JANUARY 01, 2008


Fungi-Nail, manufactured by Kramer Laboratories (Miami, FL), is indicated for the treatment of fungus infections of the skin. The product alleviates fungus and prevents recurring infections by inhibiting the growth and reproduction of fungal cells. The brush applicator allows for easy application under nails and surrounding cuticle areas. Fungi- Nail contains 25% undecylenic acid, the maximum strength available without a prescription.

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HEM-790IT BP Monitor

The HEM-790IT Automatic Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor with ComFit Cuff, manufactured by OMRON Healthcare Inc (Bannockburn, IL), is designed to automatically store BP and pulse rate information in memory for 2 people and 8 weeks of morning and evening averages for each person. The product can be connected to a home computer to help users better monitor their progress. For information on morning hypertension, please visit

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Mederma, marketed by Merz Pharmaceuticals (Greensboro, NC), is a greaseless, pleasant-smelling, topical gel that is formulated to improve the appearance and feel of almost any kind of scar. The product has an irritant-free fragrance that is safe for use on all skin types and dissipates quickly once applied to scars. Mederma can be used on newer or existing scars and comes in 20- and 50-g tubes.

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