...And E-Rx Is Available to Every Physician

MARCH 01, 2007

The National ePrescribing Patient Safety Initiative (NEPSI), a coalition of technology and health care companies, recently launched an Internet-based electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) program that physicians can access for free.

The backbone of the NEPSI program is eRx NOW Web-based software from Allscripts. Designed to attract physicians in solo practice or small groups, eRx NOW is available at no charge to any health care provider with legal authority to prescribe medications and requires no download, no new hardware, and minimal training.

The product can quickly generate secure electronic prescriptions that can be sent computer to computer or via electronic fax to 55,000 retail pharmacies using SureScripts. All scripts are instantly checked for potentially harmful interactions with the patient's other medications using a real-time complete medication database, as well as real-time notification of insurance formulary status from payers, plans, and pharmacy benefit managers. The product also allows physicians to search and find targeted health-related information for themselves or patients using a custom search engine from Google.