can you READ these Rxs?

MARCH 01, 2007

Registered Pharmacist Julie Coon and pharmacy technician Karla Mason of Medicap Pharmacy in Des Moines, Iowa, were baffled by this prescription. The illegible handwriting made it hard to decode. As is routine with hard-to-read prescriptions, Coon called the prescribing physician's office for verification. Do you know what medication is being ordered?

Registered Pharmacists Cheryl Waples and John Smestad and head pharmacy technician George Karels of Kmart Pharmacy #3777 in Dundas, Minn, had their work cut out for them when this prescription came in to the pharmacy. After collectively trying to determine the drug being ordered, the staff called the prescribing physician's office for assistance. Can you decipher this prescription?

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Rx 1: Phenergan syrup with codeine 6.25/10 mg/5 mL, 8 oz, 1-2 tsp po q 4-6 hr prn. Rx 2: Singulair 10 mg, 1 tablet q pm.