pharmacy TECHNOLOGY products

MARCH 01, 2007

Alaris PC

Cardinal Health Inc's (Dublin, Ohio) The Alaris PC unit provides wireless connectivity right out of the box and makes it easier for hospitals to increase intravenous medication safety and continuously improve clinical best practices— regardless of the existing wireless infrastructure. The new Alaris PC unit has been enhanced to help hospitals make the most of today's hardware and software features. The product features vivid color display, integrated wireless connectivity, high-speed processing power, and 16 times more memory. The unit also runs on a new operating system specifically designed to meet the intense demands of wireless environments. The Alaris PC unit offers an integrated modular platform with the ability to include infusion therapy and patient monitoring for improved patient safety at the bedside. The unique design of this platform makes it easy to incorporate the additional safety and efficiency benefits of bar coding for patient, clinician, and drug recognition at the point of care. For more information, call 800-482-4822, or visit


Omnicell Inc's (Mountain View, Calif) SafetyStock software, integrated with OmniRx medication-dispensing cabinets, uses automated cabinet-based bar-code scanning as a secondary checking methodology when medication items are placed into and, more importantly, when medication items are removed from OmniRx systems. Using this feature, the cabinet will warn the users (pharmacy or nursing) anytime they attempt to stock or remove an incorrect item from the automated cabinet. With SafetyStock, the bar-code checking process has been extended to include the medication item's package bar code (PBC), the bar code on the individual unit-dose item. The process can be configured in 2 ways: (1) allowing either the restock label bar code (RLBC) or the medication item PBC for bar-code checking, or (2) only allowing the medication item PBC for bar-code checking. In this mode, if the user tries to scan the RLBC, it will not be a valid scan and the user will be required to scan the item PBC. SafetyStock is part of Omnicell's MedGuard suite of end-to-end solutions for bar-code verification, from stocking in the hospital's central pharmacy to administration at the patient's bedside. For more information, visit, or call 800-850-6664.

Thermal Bar Coded Wristband Print Solutions

Zebra Technologies International's (Vernon Hills, Ill) Thermal Bar Coded Wristband Print Solutions allow staff to accurately identify patients throughout their hospital stay. The wristbands serve as a foundation for preventing errors by enabling immediate automated access to critical patient information at the point of care. The bar-coded wristbands also can improve patient safety simply by having nurses and aides scan the Zebra bar codes on their identification badges, the patients' wristbands, and the unit-dose labels to check the "5 Rights" before dispensing medications. The thermal bar-code printers can encode patient data as a bar code and text, helping improve patient safety through automated access to patient information. The printers also easily integrate with the facility's health information technology systems and are small enough to fit on a cart, countertop, or desktop. For more information, visit, or call 800-423-0442.

UHF Pharmacy Solution

Vue Technology (Lake Forest, Calif) recently launched the UHF Pharmacy Solution for seamless inventory tracking within the retail pharmacy. Based upon the TrueVUE RFID (radio frequency identification) Platform, the solution delivers item-level visibility and multiple benefits to the pharmacy, including expiration notification, confirmation of received inventory, automated ordering notification, automated recall management, support of electronic pedigree and counterfeit diversion detection, and instant product lookup. The UHF Pharmacy Solution enables retail pharmacies to easily initiate item-level deployment, from dock doors and portals to mobile and smart shelving solutions. This increases benefits across a number of areas: increasing inventory turns, reducing loss due to expired product, increasing order fill rates, automating inventory ordering and recall processing, and minimizing inventory overstocks. For more information, visit, or call 800-580-5957.