Pharmacy Technology Products

FEBRUARY 01, 2007


Daverci Solutions Inc (Hillsboro, Ore) recently expanded its TOCCAR? suite to enable a unified, seamless communications infrastructure between the facility and the pharmacy. By eliminating the use of faxes and the need for paper medication administration records (MARs) and delivery manifests, the pharmacy can truly be a paperless environment. Orders can be submitted by a facility straight into its pharmacy billing system. The pharmacy can edit an order and have those edits reflected back in the facility's electronic MARs, and the pharmacy can use the system to produce electronic delivery manifests with electronic confirmations of receipt. Pharmacy system integration is one part of the TOCCAR? suite of software applications that automate medication management for pharmacies and facilities. TOCCAR? applications are designed to be extremely easy for pharmacies and facilities alike to operate. User-friendly input devices include touch-screen monitors and handheld computers with bar-code scanners and fingerprint sensors. The electronic ordering system works with any pharmacy that uses the Frameworks or QS/1 billing system. For more information, visit


Talyst (Bellevue, Wash) recently introduced AutoCool access-controlled, refrigerated storage designed to combine access control with a pharmacy's real-time inventory system. AutoCool uses the AutoPharm software platform that integrates pharmacy bar coding, storage, inventory, ordering, and clinical systems. AutoCool provides access to 84 separate compartments, each of which can be used for single or multiple doses of refrigerated medications. The compartments are automatically rotated to appear behind 7 secured doors that have automated lock releases and lighted indicators. The advantages of the AutoCool with AutoPharm include limiting access to a single line item and providing an audit trail for all storage and retrieval activities; pick-to-light indicators that direct staff through stocking and picking activities; controlling refrigerated inventory in the central pharmacy or in satellite locations; and constant temperature control and remote temperature sensing. AutoCool supports bar-code confirmation of all stocking and picking activities. The unit is designed for high reliability and maximum uptime. Twin thermistor sensors provide constant temperature control and recording, including support for remote monitoring. For more information, visit, or call 877-4-TALYST (877-482-5978).

Certicom Security for RFID Product Authentication

Certicom Corp (Mississauga, Ontario) recently launched Certicom Security for RFID Product Authentication? a solution that ensures authenticity and prevents counterfeiting of high-value items as they move through the supply chain. In collaboration with Texas Instruments Inc (Dallas, Tex), Certicom is using its elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) expertise to add item-level radio frequency identification (RFID) tag security that protects product information and proves the legitimacy of pharmaceuticals. RFID solutions providers can use the Certicom security and Texas Instruments' family of ISO 15693 RFID tags to deliver product protection with authentication and encryption. Certicom uses standards-based cryptographic protocols for its RFID appliance, including a standardized public-key cryptography scheme from IEEE 1363a. The ECCbased digital signature scheme enables a high level of security to be added to the tag without requiring a lot of computing power and storage. Certicom Security for RFID Product Authentication works as a distributed system where there may not be dedicated Internet connectivity to a database, to provide real-time authentication of a tagged product. A simple application programming interface enables developers to integrate the product's components with RFID middleware and enterprise applications. For additional information, visit


Asteres Inc's (San Diego, Calif) ScriptCenter is a self-service kiosk that makes picking up prescriptions convenient and hassle-free. The unit dispenses refill prescriptions automatically after a customer confirms identity by entering credit card and password information. After the medication is dispensed, the kiosk's embedded Seiko Instruments KPU-S347 printer subassembly issues a record of the transaction and, in some cases, prints coupons to facilitate additional revenue for the store. For more information, visit