NOVEMBER 01, 2006

An alliance between AARP and Walgreens will bring educational resources about health, wellness, and medicines to adults aged 50 and over.

Key aspects of the alliance include the development of cobranded health and wellness information aimed at Americans 50+, distribution in Walgreens stores of an AARP guide to taking medications effectively, and AARP-sponsored community programs across the country to provide personal medication reviews by Walgreens pharmacists.

Both groups will address community needs through personal medication reviews as part of the Ask About Your Medications program.

The reviews will be conducted at in-store and local events coordinated by AARP state offices and will involve Walgreens pharmacists who will handle reviews.

During the events, participants will bring all of their medicines for a 1-on-1 review by a Walgreens pharmacist. The pharmacist will assess all the medicines the patient takes, ensure that the patient understands how to take them, identify any expired drugs, and alert patients to possible interactions.