Partnership Aims to Stop Rx Counterfeiting and Pharmacy Theft

SEPTEMBER 01, 2006

The Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) has partnered with law enforcement and professional pharmacy organizations using RxPATROL (Pattern Analysis Tracking Robberies and Other Losses). The purpose is to help combat the theft and illegal trafficking of prescription medications and further enhance supply chain security.

RxPATROL is designed to help pharmacists protect against potential robberies and burglaries, and to assist law enforcement efforts to apprehend and prosecute pharmacy theft suspects. The system allows pharmacy staff and law enforcement agencies to quickly and easily submit a comprehensive theft report to a secure Internet Web site. The report captures a wide range of relevant information including type of crime, suspect description, modus operandi, and security resources necessary to discourage theft.

As part of the agreement, HDMA has implemented a process that allows its members to report incidents of any type of theft to RxPATROL. HDMA members will also receive a security report offering advice on how to lower the risk of theft-related crime. Because HDMA members deliver 9 million prescription drugs and health care products daily to >142,000 health care settings, the group and the nation's primary health care distributors strongly endorse:

•Stricter, more uniform distributor licensing standards and pedigree requirements to guarantee consistency across the 50 states

•Tougher regulation, stronger law enforcement, and harsher criminal penalties for the crime of counterfeiting medicine

•Adoption of current and emerging anticounterfeiting technologies

•Development of new research and business innovations.