"Smartphones" Help with Clinical Trial Information

DECEMBER 01, 2005

Transmitting clinical trial data is getting easier with Palm Inc's Palm Treo 650 "smartphones." PHT Corp, provider of electronic patient-reported outcome solutions used in >180 trials, will utilize the smartphones to collect and wirelessly transmit self-reported information from patients, using PHT's LogPad application, in clinical trials across the globe.The company plans to roll out the initial set of smartphones over a 6-month period for use during a series of clinical trials.

PHT will use the Palm Treo 650 smartphones with asthma patients in the AIR2 clinical trial. Patients will employ the devices each morning and evening to record their daily asthma symptoms, their medication use, and the impact of asthma on their daily lives. The stored data will then be automatically transmitted wirelessly to a secure central server. Researchers will review the patient data via the Web in real time, using PHT's StudyWorks Application, to track and manage patient enrollment, diary-completion compliance, and patient-safety information.