Web Site Expands Services

JUNE 01, 2005

ChainDrugStore.net has added a new feature to its messaging platform. The new off-line option-"Direct-to- Pharmacy" -provides participating retail chains with a customized printready publication to distribute each week to their pharmacies. As with ChainDrugStore.net's on-line pharmacy program, Direct-to-Pharmacy lets retail chain officials decide which manufacturer messages are distributed to their pharmacists and which are available only to headquarters. The program has been designed for those retail chains whose pharmacies do not have on-line access to the Web site.

"We are very excited about this new program, which we have been calling D2P during development. This will be the first of a number of new programs designed to better inform pharmacists of important product updates. And it will enable retail chains to provide their pharmacies with this information in a weekly publication that can be distributed as a printed document, as a corporate e-mail, or hosted on a corporate Intranet," explained Todd Grover, president.