APRIL 01, 2004

ONE: This prescription looks as if a child wrote it. Pharmacist Jim Rystedt, of Jim's Family Drug in Grafton, ND, was completely baffled when it came in. Before even attempting to decipher what medication was being prescribed, Rystedt telephoned the physician for some assistance. Can you understand this prescription?

TWO: As a pharmacist working on the graveyard shift covering both the Emergency Room and Urgent Care at Kaiser Permanente in Riverside, Calif, Dianne George, RPh, PharmD, does not have time for poorly written prescriptions. Dr. George wasted no time calling the prescribing physician for help. The physician was prompt to call her back and apologized profusely for any confusion. Can you translate this prescription without any assistance from the physician?

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Rx 1: Z-Pak, use as directed

Rx 2: Albuterol inhaler, #1,

2 puffs every 4 hours as needed