Gunda Siska, RPh, PharmD, discusses what she is doing as a hospital pharmacist to stay healthy. 

Gunda Siska, RPh, PharmD: Hi. My name is Gunda Siska. I’m a hospital pharmaicst and medical writer. I just spent the last 3 days working on the COVID(-19), respiratory unit.

People are asking me, what are you doing to stay healthy.I’m doing the following:
  • Reduce and limit exposure to pathogens: I’m coming home from work and immediately washing my clothes, and taking a shower.
  • I’m eating nutrient dense foods, and avoiding beer and wine. I know there are 4 vitamin deficiencies that are associated with frequent colds and flus: A,D,E, and Zinc. I’m aware of the impact nutrition has on the immune system. 
  • I’m going to sleep early: I read a study that rats who were deprived sleep died of sepsis. I know that people who have their sleep patterns interrupted with travel are high risk for colds and flus.
  • I’m taking antivirals products that are available without a prescription. What does the medical literature say about these products, and what is actually available in the stores? I’ll tell you in a future video.
  • And I’m continuing to develop my immune system with natural products and vaccines to prevent secondary bacterial infections if I get a virus.
Thank for watching, I’m wishing you the best. 


Siska G. Shore Up the Immune System as Flu Season Approaches. Total Pharmacy website. Published August 9, 2019. Accessed March 24, 2020.