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5. Patients May Continue Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms After Infection Recovery
There have been reports of individuals still experiencing symptoms months after the infection, including continued loss of taste or smell, tachycardia, chest pain, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, cognitive problems, and recurring fevers.
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4. Inhalers Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Shows
The benefits of using inhalers and nebulizers during the COVID-19 pandemic outweigh the risks for patients with asthma, according to new research. Read more.
3. The Importance of Health Supplements: A Comprehensive Medication Reconciliation
The widespread use of OTC and dietary supplements are opportunities for pharmacists to not only educate patients, but also other health care members as to how these products fit into the overall health of patients. Read more.
2. Routine Testing for Hepatitis C Can Cut Costs, Saves Lives
Routine testing for hepatitis C virus at federally qualified health centers can improve diagnostic rates and health outcomes while being cost-effective, according to new research published in the American Journal of Medicine. Read more.
1. COVID-19 Pandemic and Adherence to Therapy: What Can Pharmacists Do?
It is likely that in the COVID-19 era and its aftermath, we may see worsening adherence to therapy due to known factors that affect adherence and others that are unique to what is happening currently. Read here.