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5. Evaluating the Efficacy of Adjunctive Therapies Used to Treat COVID-19: The Role of Vitamin C and Zinc
Vitamin C and zinc are among the adjuvant treatments being evaluated for patients with COVID-19 due to their various immune-enhancing properties and possible antiviral effects. Read more.
4. Help Patients Relieve Mild COVID-19 Symptoms
During this pandemic, pharmacists are likely to encounter patients seeking counsel on the use of nonprescription drugs for the symptomatic relief of some of the common mild symptoms associated with COVID-19 that may be amenable to self-treatment. Read more.
3. Physical Inactivity Increases Risk of Cancer Death
Greater inactivity is associated with a higher risk of dying from cancer, according to a study from MD Anderson Cancer Center. Read more.
2. Age-related Memory Loss and Associated Benefits of Nondrug Activities to Improve Brain Health
These articles will explore the various alterations seniors can make in their daily lives that can lead to real, lasting change in their memory function. Read more.
1. Hormone Replacement Therapy Most Benefits Women Under 60
Pharmacists should educate patients about the risks of using compounded bioidentical hormones. Read here.