Jonathan Ogurchak, PharmD, CSP, sits down with Specialty Pharmacy Times to discuss during the future of data in Specialty Pharmacy at the NASP Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

JO: You know, data standardization, there’s a need for it. And even looking at the NASP meeting, there’s been a number of different conversations related to where are we headed, what do we really need to do to actually standardize data to make it usable for all of the parties involved. And especially pharmacies are moving more towards demonstrating that capability, to be able to capture it and make it a usable, more affordable sort of thing. I truly see that specialty pharmacies are going to be positioned well to not only impact the value-based outcomes side of the market but also look to position it from a clinical publication perspective as well. You know, these pharmacies are working with patients in a post-clinical trial type of environment and in that non-sterile out in the wild type of patient functions very differently than what you see in a clinical trial. So if you’re able to get more information about these patients in the wild, then it’s going to drive more valuable publication so that you can see what’s happening with these patients, now that they’re using some of these therapies.