A series of peculiar pharmacy burglaries piqued the attention of DEA Task Force agents when video surveillance captured suspects busting through a pharmacy wall using a sledgehammer.
It began when surveillance showed a disguised burglar using a sledgehammer to smash through the brick wall at Long Beach Pharmacy in Louisiana on August 21. The burglar, clothed from head to toe, was then seen crawling to a cabinet to swipe prescription medications before leaving the pharmacy at 1:10 a.m.
Three more pharmacy break-ins followed before the DEA Task Force and Ocean Spring police arrested 3 men allegedly involved.
On September 5, 2 or more individuals peeled metal off a building in order to rob a Family Drug Mart in Pearl River. In the same month, the suspects also used a sledgehammer to smash in a brick wall at County Discount Pharmacy in Wiggins.
The suspects were identified as Shundrake McKeel, Justin McKeel, and Lamarvin Haynes. The dugs stolen were all Schedule 2, including oxycodone, hydrocodone, tapentadol and methadone, and dextroamphetamine.
Once agents identified the suspects, Biloxi police learned that McKeel drove a black Durango with a Louisiana license plate and were able to catch the 3 men after their fourth burglary of an Ocean Springs pharmacy. McKeel attempted to flee with a white plastic bag of stolen prescription drugs, but police caught and arrested him.
The 3 men stole prescription drugs from 4 pharmacies over an 8-week period, according to the criminal complaint filed in US District Court by the DEA Task Force. They are now being held pending court action.