Physician Sentenced for Pain Clinic Pill Mill Conspiracy

APRIL 06, 2017
Jennifer Barrett, Assistant Editor
A former physician and owner of a pain clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, has been sentenced for his involvement in a prescription painkiller distribution conspiracy, according to a Department of Justice press release. Nisar A. Piracha, who owned Piracha Wellness Clinic, prescribed dangerous quantities of narcotics without legitimate medical purpose.
Piracha opened the pain clinic in 2012 as owner and sole practitioner, and DEA officials began investigating the operation due to suspicious activity, according to information provided in the release. DEA agents made several undercover visits to the clinic posing as patients over a 5-month period, where Piracha conducted only a brief physical examination before prescribing high doses of oxycodone, methadone, and alprazolam, according to the Deparmtent of Justice statement. Piracha did not conduct any physical or medical examination during the follow-up visits, and continued to prescribe high doses of painkiller medications, as well as additional prescriptions, at the patients’ requests.
Patient records also indicated that many individuals traveled far distances, up to 200 miles, to receive prescriptions, according to the release.
Piracha was sentenced to 7 years and 3 months in federal prison for conspiring to distribute oxycodone, methadone, and alprazolam, followed by 3 years of supervised release. He also agreed to the forfeiture of more than $425,000 in proceeds from the operation.
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