Today, we’re celebrating the clinical pharmacy specialist team at the William J. Holloway Community Program in Delaware.

The team has more than 60 years of combined experience caring for patients with HIV/AIDS and HCV, said Kelly Cantwell-McNelis, BS, PharmD, AAHIVP, in a message to Pharmacy Times®.

“Our team works daily with an underserved population providing medication education, disease state management, and clinical education services,” Cantwell-McNelis said. “In short, one of us serves on any Delaware committee dealing with HIV/AIDS/HCV, etc.”

They work across 3 centers in Delaware and in addition to their clinical work, the team has published academic articles locally, nationally, and internationally. Two team members have received the Delaware Pharmacist of the Year Award and have been recognized for clinical care through the Delaware HIV Consortium.

“I am honored to work with this wonderful team,” Cantwell-McNelis concluded. “I believe my colleagues are deserving of recognition for practicing clinical pharmacy on the front lines of the COVID-19 epidemic.”

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